Mina Kuper

Originally from New York came to live in Los angeles 11 years ago. She had been an entrepanuer Since she was a teenager. She knows hot to connect people and situations. Mina dated on line and often hit a dead end. One night I was out to dinner and my friend turned to this man waiting for a table. She introduced herself and asked if he were single. Well this man is now my husband who is truly my soul mate. I strongly feel just Internet dating can stress you out. After numerous successful introductions , we decided to be the good old fashion matchmakers. If you just want to see photos were are not for you. If you are truly serious to find you connection. Let us know . We look forward to hearing from you.

Dora Kessler

A former New Yorker. Dora has been involved with several philanthropy organization. She was an owner of Kessler Motor Cars a Ferrari dealership in Manhattan. She has helped raise 100 of thousands of dollars for good causes. Her wide range of celebrity friends and business associates has given her exposure to many great and interesting individuals. She has been networking for years and Dora is well respected. she has a gift for being able to develop great friendships. Dora receives many great invitations to high end functions and cocktail parties Dora has decided to help men and women find the relationships that suite their needs.

Dr. Kathleen Mojas

Dr. Kathleen Mojas is a relationship expert and licensed Clinical Psychologist with over 20 years experience.  Dr. Mojas had assisted thousands of people to find love and to achieve greater joy and fulfillment in their relationships.
Dr. Mojas received her B.A.  from UCLA and her Ph.d. in Psychology from the California Graduate Institiute.  She is trained in a variety of cutting edge techniques to facilitate healthy relationships and help people overcome relationship sabotaging patterns.

Dr. Mojas studied for many years with Dr. Daniel Siegel, author of the internationally acclaimed book, “The Developing Mind,” and a pioneer on neurobiology and attachment at UCLA.  The foundation of Dr. Mojas’ approach to healing is based on the importance of how our early relationships develop a blueprint  for intimacy in our adult relationships as well as for our ability to cope with stress throughout our lifespan.  Dr. Mojas has presented workshops on intimacy and has been a highly sought after media relationship expert.

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Mina and Dora are the best! - Shirly J, Los Angeles

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